• Camps, Internships, and Opportunities

    This page will be updated with opportunities as we receive them.  

    Send information about opportunities to Marianne Stephens, College & Career Specialist. 

    Please note that the programs here are listed as a courtesy rather than as an endorsement. Check out each offering agency thoroughly and investigate the programs well before signing on. If you would like some guidance about choosing a summer program, see How Admissions Officers Really View High School Summer Programs InGenius Blog

Fly-In Programs

  • "Fly-In" programs are free or reduced-cost opportunities for seniors to visit colleges. Application timelines vary. Many, but not all, programs are intended for underrepresented populations and/or students who are the first in their family to go to college.

    Check the details on each college's website; we expect some in-person and some virtual programs in the Fall of 2022. In-person programs may have a Covid vaccination requirement. However you attend, one of these events is a chance to visit and get more detailed and personalized information than you would in a standard information session.  

    Search this list:  Fall 2022 Fly-In and Diversity Programs by Cappex, and also use this 2022 Rural & Small Town Fly-In Programs list. Though we are not rural, this list has good program summaries that may be useful. 

    And, consult the websites of colleges that interest you for the most up-to-date information. If a college that interests you doesn't have a program, see if it has a virtual tour that will take you there for a few minutes. 

Internship Sources