Internet Awareness and Safety

  • Teacher librarians, classroom teachers, and our district's Technology Specialists work together to teach our students how to use technology effectively and responsibly.  

    Through Library and classroom based lessons, students are taught how to access, evaluate, read, cite, create, and share electronic resources.  At the same time, they are learning to be safe, responsible, and informed users of online information.  This is an ongoing process, beginning as young as 1st grade and continuing through high school, as we work to make being online a safe and rewarding experience for our students.

    We believe that students, staff, and parents can work together to keep ourselves informed and safe as our digital age continues to create new opportunities and challenges.


  • Lessons taught at each grade level (may vary some each year)



    1st grade

    2nd grade

    • Keep It Private
    • Staying Safe Online
    • Screen Out the Mean
    • Sites I Like

    3rd grade

    • Rings of Responsibility
    • Private and Personal Information
    • Power of Words
    • The Key to Keywords
    • Whose Is It, Anyway?

    4th grade

    • Strong Passwords
    • Digital Citizenship Pledge
    • You've Won a Prize!
    • How to Cite a Site
    • Picture Perfect

    5th grade

    • Talking Safely Online
    • Privacy Rules
    • What's Cyberbullying?
    • Selling Stereotypes
    • Gender Stereotypes Online

    6th grade

    • Digital Life 101 (link to lesson and video)
    • Scams and Schemes (link to lesson)
    • Cyberbullying (link to lesson)
    • A Creator's Rights - Copyright (link to lesson)
      • Google Presentation - definitions of words
      • Creative Commons
      • Examples of licenses
      • Copyright and Public Domain information
      • Sherlock Holmes and Expiring Copyright - NPR
      • Sherlock Holmes to Remain in the Public Domain - Variety
      • Parody (video: "School is Closed" - Moses Brown School)