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    The Ridgecrest Library offers books, resources, and a learning space for Ridgecrest students, staff and families.  Our goal is for students to enjoy visiting the library and understand that reading is an essential part of everyone's life, both for enjoyment and for a purpose.

    Lifelong skills such as research skills and literature appreciation are the focus of our teaching.  More information about our curriculum and the connections with classroom curriculum and state and national standards is found under the Curriculum link.

    We believe in giving students choice when it comes to their independent reading and offer many different kinds of materials to encourage students to read. 

    The library has over 11,000 books on the shelves, arranged similarly to the public library.  Our sections include:
    • Everybody Books (picture books for every grade)
    • Fiction (chapter books)
    • Nonfiction (organized using the Dewey Decimal system)
    • Audiobooks (mostly on CD, some paired with the book) 
    • Magazines
    • Comic books and graphic novels

    The library may be available for meetings or other activities during or after school, but please check with Ms. Freeman and the school office before scheduling to avoid conflicts.

Library reading


  • The Ridgecrest Library supports our students, teachers, families, and the community by

    • evaluating, selecting, and purchasing appropriate resources
    • encouraging joy in reading
    • teaching and reinforcing research skills
    • promoting discovery through independent lifelong learning