• Shorewood Night Live  

    We know that we have MANY talented students here at Shorewood, so we thought it would be fun to showcase some of those talents on a virtual talent show. Use the Google Form linked below to upload a video of yourself singing, playing an instrument, dancing, doing a tiktok that is entertaining, doing a magic trick, telling a clean joke or monologue, completing an entertaining life hack, etc.  Options are pretty open!  Depending on how many we get, we'll figure out how long the first episode will be and if we even have enough to do this, and if there is continued interest, we might have future episodes!  

    You MAY submit more than ONE video.  Just fill out a new form for each ACT.


    Videos are due by SATURDAY, MAY 16.  Film/Record in LANDSCAPE mode - horizontally - looking for 1-3 minute clips, could be shorter, MAX 10 GB file.

    Please respect and follow social distancing rules.  DO NOT get your band back together to film this!  You could look into programs like (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) for online/remote options for group recordings.  If you happen to have a talented family, feel free to have them join you in this recording.  

    Shorewood’s Got Talent!!



     Fight Song and Alma Mater (lyrics) 

    Shorewood Fight Song Music


    What is ASB?

    ASB stands for Associated Student Body.  The purpose of ASB is to work with Shorewood’s staff, administration and students to ensure a high quality of student life. ASB coordinates a large number of school functions, activities, and programs, most notably the Homecoming celebration every October. In addition, ASB has influence over funding for these activities.

    Who is a member of Shorewood’s Associated Student Body?

    In one word, you. All  1600+ Shorewood students are members of ASB. In addition, students who pay the ASB fee during registration at the beginning of the year receive a special emblem on their Shorewood student IDs which allows for personal discounts and savings on a huge number of Shorewood activities – plays, sporting events, dances, and more.

    Student Government
    The ASB Leadership Team forms the student government. Elections are held in the spring of every year to elect incoming class officers, consisting of 5 ASB officers, 5 senior class officers, and senators for the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes. The number of senators is based on class size. Students may also apply to the ASB Advisor to be a Special Assignment.

    How can I get involved in ASB?

    You can be involved in a wide variety of ways from participating in an ASB sponsored event, to starting a club, or even running for office.