• Eligibility

    Who is Eligible for Head Start?
    Shoreline School District residents only. If a student moves out of the Shoreline School District during the school year, the student is no longer eligible for Head Start services in our district. Staff will assist families in registering for Head Start services in their new district.
    Eligibility is determined through the application process
    • Families with children age 3-5 years (3 years old by Aug. 31)
    • Children in foster care/kinship care
    • TANF and SSI recipients
    • Families experiencing homelessness
    • Income eligible children with a disability or IEP 
    • Families living on limited incomes (based on federal poverty guidelines; see chart)


    Still have questions? Please email, Headstart@shorelineschools.org and someone will get back to you!

  • Family Size Max Income
    2 $18,310
    3 $20,030
    4 $27,750
    5 $32,470
    6 $37,190
    7 $41,910
    For each additional person, add $4,720.

          2022 PSESD Income Guidelines