Mission & Goals

  • Mission

    At Shorecrest, we push ourselves to grow as unique learners;  we are involved in our school, we excel in our classes, and we are committed to our community.


    Vision Statement

    Expanding Minds, Igniting Passions


    Shorecrest Goals

    Academic Achievement: As a Shorecrest High School teacher, I will…

    • use student improvement data from common formative assessments to gauge student mastery of learning targets.
    • develop classroom-based interventions to ensure students attain those learning targets.
    • create enrichment activities to extend and personalize learning for students.

    Student Growth: Shorecrest High School students will…

    • build balanced five-year plans with the support of family and an informed Shorecrest adult who cares about him/her.
    • include in the five-year plan artifacts that reflect the student Naviance account, college/career plan, course schedules, portfolios, community service, co-curricular participation, and culminating exhibition/senior project work.

    As a Shorecrest staff member, I will be one of the informed, caring adults who supports the development and implementation of each of my students’ five-year plan.


    School Organization

    Shorecrest is a comprehensive high school offering a broad spectrum of educational programs in academics, the arts, and applied learning. Instruction is organized by departments; many staff work collaboratively both inter- and intra-departmentally. Opportunities for participation and leadership in school decision-making are encouraged at Shorecrest. Leadership groups include Department Heads, the Administrative Team, school-wide committees, and Site Council.


    Educational Philosophy

    Academic success and shared decision-making at Shorecrest are guided by the following principles:

    • Education is the collective responsibility of students, their families, school staff, and the school community
    • High standards and expectations are set for all students with provisions for their individual learning styles.
    • We are a diverse learning community of students, families, and professional educators.
    • We respect both our differences and similarities in areas such as race, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, ideology, life choices, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical and mental differences, gender, age, appearance, and marital status. We are all Shorecrest.
    • A climate of trust and respect is essential for an effective learning environment.
    • The process of learning is as important as the product or specific content taught.
    • Education includes a student’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.
    • Educational programs link learning to life experiences and must be adaptable to fit a changing world.
    • Learning opportunities must prepare students for successful participation in civic and family life, further education, and satisfying work.
    • Creating and promoting a positive environment for all is everybody’s job in all of our programs.
    • We each assume personal responsibility for achieving our educational and professional goals.