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    2022-Fifth Grade Graduation


    2022 - Literacy Night Readers

    Families attended a Literacy Night on Zoom on March 15th
    featuring our LAP reading teachers and many of our amazing students. 
    Click to learn more and view our student readers. 

    2022 - Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



    2021 - Fifth Grade Congratulations Video


    In 2021, LFP staff shared their congratulations with our
    graduating 5th graders. 

    2021 Covid-19 Time Capsule Installation and Explanation


    In June of 2021, LFP students in the SPLASH squad and staff members
    collected objects, photos, videos, and student recollections about the fourteen
    months spent in remote learning or hybrid learning to be placed in a time capsule. 
    The time capsule 
    will be opened in 2031.  Find out more by watching this video!


    2021 Talent Show and April Recognition Assembly - Primary Grades


    Students recorded their talent and sent it in to be included in our
    April Recognition Assembly.  Enjoy!

    2021 Talent Show and April Recognition Assembly - Intermediate Grades


    Students recorded their talent and sent it in to be included in our
    April Recognition Assembly.  Enjoy!


    Welcome to K-5 In-Person Learning!
    Shoreline school staff and mascots are excited to welcome
    students back to school for hybrid learning.  Enjoy this video
    featuring our mascots that explains some of the changes to
    expect at school and on the bus. 

    Arrival and Departure During Hybrid Learning - March 2021
    Mr. Miller explains the new procedures for arriving and departing
    LFP during hybrid learning. 

    Safety Rules For Hybrid Learning
    Our 2020-2021 S.P.L.A.S.H. squad students created this short video 

    explaining how we can stay safe and healthy in school during hybrid learning.


    Washing Hands Instructions From Nurse Sue


    Nurse Sue demonstrates how to effectively wash hands.

    Take a Virtual Tour of Lake Forest Park Elementary
    Our S.P.L.A.S.H. squad students in 2020-2021 created this
    virtual tour of LFP to introduce new students and adults to
    our school. 

    4th and 5th Graders Talk About Friendship
    Watch as the 2020-2021 4th and 5th graders share their
    ideas on what 
    it means to be a friend.

    ZOOM Behavior Tips From Our SPLASH Squad


    Our SPLASH Squad recorded this 4:47 video that shares tips
    for student behavior on Zoom.  


    Virtual Assembly - October, 2020


    Meet our new staff, play “two trues and a false” with staff members,
    hear from some kids about “respect in virtual learning,” and stick
    around to the end for a special announcement from Mr. Jim! 


    Our staff shared a quick video welcome to students
    and families in the fall of 2020. 

    Washing Hands Instructions From Nurse Sue


    Videos Celebrating Our 5th Grade Graduates of 2020


     Lake Forest Park parents, staff, and students wouldn't let our
    stay-at-home order keep us from celebrating our 5th grade graduates!


    Videos Celebrating Our 6th Grade Graduates of 2020


    Lake Forest Park parents, staff, and students wouldn't let our
    stay-at-home order keep us from celebrating our 6th grade graduates!

    We Are The Dolphins of Lake Forest Park - Staff Video


    The Lake Forest Park staff wanted to show our students and
    families how much we missed them during our "stay-at-home"
    time in spring of 2020.  We passed along a dolphin to the tune
    of our school song.  Mrs. Dreier did a fantastic job editing the
    video.  Enjoy and sing along!


    Honor Choir 2020


    Click to view four songs performed by the 2020 Honor Choir


    Salmon Release 2020


    Due to coronavirus related school closures, our school's coho salmon
    needed to be released one month earlier than normal. This video will
    take you along the journey from school to stream.  We look forward
    to next year when students can take part in the release. Click here to view.


    Student Council Speeches 2019


    Our student council nominees did a fantastic job sharing their 
    vision for leading on the student council.  Click the links below to
    view their speeches. 

    Student Council Speeches 2019 - President and Secretary

    Student Council Speeches 2019 - Vice-President and Treasurer



    Mr. Allred Receives The Premera Teacher Tribute Award


    In June, 2019, Premera Blue Cross honored our Resource Room teacher, Brent Allred, with a Sounders FC ⚽️ game experience and a check for our school. Premera's "Local Lens" surprised Mr. Allred at school and spoke with his students about how he makes a difference in their lives. Along with the check, Mr. Allred also received a jersey, a Sounders FC pitch side experience plus 100 additional tickets for his students to join him at an upcoming Sounders game. He was the first teacher chosen for the Premera Teacher Tribute, an award given to teachers who go above and beyond for their students.  Click here to view.


    LFP Sixth Grade 2019-2020


    Sixth grade teachers created this slideshow highlighting the amazing 
    year that sixth graders enjoyed at LFP. 


    2019 Student Council Videos On Summer Learning / Welcome to Kindergarten


    Student Council representatives share thoughts on how you can keep your
    mind sharp over the summer, as well as what they hope for kindergarteners
    to experience in their time at LFP. Click here to view.


    The Little Mermaid, Jr. - 2019


    Lake Forest Park students shined in the 2019 performance
    of Disney's "The Little Mermaid, Jr."  Click here to view the show. 

    Happy Winter Break - 2018


     Enjoy a couple minutes of our school singing holiday songs before winter break of 2018.   


    Veteran's Day Musical Assembly 2018

    veteran's day

    Enjoy listening and watching a 12 minute segment of the 2018 Veteran's Day musical assembly led by Mrs. Dreier. 



    Click to view the 2018-2019 LFP Student Council Speeches.  Remember to vote!



    Enjoy watching the end of the year slideshow for the graduating sixth graders of 2018.



    In this video, counselor Tom, students, and staff share their thoughts on what respect looks like at LFP. 
    Click here to watch



    The 2018 Shorecrest Highlanders Band and Dancers visited LFP students on the Friday before
    St. Patrick's Day.  Watch this video to enjoy three minutes of their musical magic!


    On 3/14/2018, Lake Forest Park students, staff, and families gathered on the field
    at 10am to bring themselves together in a show of peace and unity. 
    Watch this short video to see the shape we created on the field. 


    Seussical, The Musical - 2017


    Enjoy watching 2017's school play performance of "Seussical, The Musical."



    Click to view the Lake Forest Park Student Council Speeches 2017




    Click to watch the LFP Fall Festival Parade 2017



    Third grade students read Washington Children's Choice Award nominees from past years, wrote
    reports, and shared their reports on video.  Enjoy these short videos about great books.  


    we are the dolphins

    Enjoy watching and listening as Lake Forest Park students sing "We Are the Dolphins of
    Lake Forest Park" to kick of the 2017-2018 school year.  Click here to watch.


    There has been a school on the Lake Forest Park Elementary site since 1912.  In 2005, 5th
    and 6th grade LFP students produced a 25 minute video about the history of our school.  The
    video features recollections from students and staff who were part of our school's history.  The
    first 1:40 of the video details the neighborhood's history prior to 1912.  Click here to watch!



    Fifth grade students had a wonderful spring day field trip to the Seattle Art Museum and
    Pike Place Market.  Enjoy this video of students dancing with the buskers at Pike Place Market. 



    Ms. Rozema led fourth graders in a musical performance in May of 2017.  
    Enjoy listening to this song from their excellent performance.


    3rd concert

    Ms. Dreier led third graders as they performed a beautiful selection of songs
    from around the world during an all school concert in March, 2017.  
    Click to watch a few snippets of this amazing concert!



    LFP students and staff had a wonderful day celebrating winter break 2016. Click here for photos from the day's festivities.



    Ms. Airhart's fifth graders were in the holiday spirit on the last day of school in 2016.  Enjoy this clip of them singing "Feliz Navidad."


    thanksgiving 2016

    Enjoy watching the Shoreline School District's Happy Thanksgiving 2016 video that featured 12 LFP students.


    fall parade

    Click to watch the October, 2016 Fall Parade and Parties



    Welcome to LFP!

    All about LFP School

    Click to watch a student created video all about LFP School