Google Classroom

  • The short videos below will provide you with quick instructions for using Google Classroom.

    Posting a blank page assignment

    When your students already know the details of the assignment or already have written a rough draft of an assignment on paper, you can have them complete and turn in their assignment in your Google Classroom by posting a blank page assignment. Click to view a short instructional video.


    Posting an assignment with instructions appearing on each student’s document.

    When you’d like to have your students keep the assignment instructions in mind as they write, you can post an assignment that has the instructions appearing at the top of each student’s document. Click to view a short instructional video.


    Posting a question that students can respond to and read other student responses.

    As a formative assessment or a quick reflection activity, you can post a question to your Google Classroom.  You’ll have the option of letting students read and/or respond to each others answers.Click to view a short instructional video.


    Student Instructions For Using Google Classroom and Google Apps At Home

    With Google Classroom, your students can view all of their writing in one easy-to-find place.  Google Classroom can serve as your students’ online writing portfolio.  Many students will want to work on their writing from home and share their work with their family.  Click here to print out Google login instructions that they can take home.


    Google Classroom Overview and Helpful Links






    Teacher and Student Guide for Using Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Help Page

    Typing Club – Did you know your students can use their Google Account to access a free online typing program that tracks their progress?  In a matter of clicks, your students can be practicing their keyboarding in your classroom.   Click here to learn how to get started with Typing Club.