• These men will: 

    • Always wear Official Uniform T-shirts/badge while they are on official WatchDOG duty.
    ENCOURAGE STUDENTS! (with lots of smiles and high fives, etc.)
    • Help with traffic flow of vehicles and students at arrival and dismissal times
    • Monitor hallways and entrances
    • Monitor buildings – inside/outside
    • Assist at lunch
    • Assist at recess, study hall, social times
    • Eat lunch with students
    • Play or referee on the playground or in the gym
    • Read with classes or tutor small groups of students
    • Work with flash cards and/or educational games
    • Actively and positively engage with their student and others
    • Speak to classes about importance of education and career choices
    • Be available to mentor male students
    • Be chaperones on fieldtrips and away games/activities
    • Assist coaches and activity sponsors
    • Help students with test review
    • Support fine arts classes (i.e. band, choir, art, yearbook, etc.) with your presence and/or experience
    • Smile and be a hero for a day!
    Pass out Parkwood Gold Slips when you catch someone

    Showing Respect, being Safe, or being Responsible!

    These men should NOT:

    • Go into students’ (girls’ or boys’) restrooms – please use volunteer/adult restrooms in the music hallway.
    • Be alone or unsupervised with students
    • Espouse political or religious beliefs to students
    • Sell or give their official WATCH D.O.G.S.® T-shirt to someone who isn’t an approved WatchDOG volunteer.
    • Engage in any conduct that brings disrespect to himself or his student(s), the school and/or the WATCH D.O.G.S.® Program and other volunteering fathers.

    Note:  This list is not exhaustive.  Each school determines other “do’s and don’ts” based on each individual school district’s policies.