Discipline Policy

  • The goal of discipline is twofold: to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for students and staff, and to develop student growth in a positive direction. We have therefore developed a code that is progressive in nature, follows legal due process, that allows for student growth in making appropriate behavior choices. These guidelines apply on all school district property and at all school events. Students must comply with all district policies and procedures in terms of their conduct. All policies and procedures may be accessed in their entirety in the libraries of all school buildings and on the School Board Website. Included here are brief excerpts and summaries.

    An explanation of students’ rights and responsibilities is mailed to every Shorecrest family in the fall.

    Alcohol/Chemical Substances

    Possession, use, distribution, showing evidence of having consumed, selling, soliciting, or facilitating the sale of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited. Possession of drug paraphernalia or any item purported to be such is also prohibited. While in attendance at school or school-sponsored events, students must remove themselves immediately from any situation where illegal activities are occurring. Students understand that the community encourages them to report any situation which poses a danger to the health or safety of themselves and fellow students or which represents a violation of state laws, district policy, and the code to which school leaders are committed.


    The act of quarrelling involving physical and/or verbal actions that may lead to violence, bodily contact, in or around school property, are subject to disciplinary action.

    Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

    Tobacco possession, selling, or use by students is not permitted on or near school property. Near school property is defined as being within the line of sight from the school.


    Students shall not possess, display, handle, or transmit weapons, other dangerous devices or any item which reasonably appears to be such, including but not limited to guns, knives, clubs, metal knuckles, daggers, chemical inhalants, or any other potentially dangerous implements on school property or to school-sponsored events. Any exception to the above will require explicit permission.

    Persons over 18 years of age and persons between 14-18 years of age with written parental or guardian permission may possess personal protection spray devices on school property. No one may deliver a spray device to anyone under 14 or to anyone between 14-18 years of age who does not have parental permission. Spray devices may not be used other than in self-defense as defined by State law. Possession, transmission, or use of personal protection spray devices under any other circumstance is a violation of district policy and is subject to disciplinary action.

    Student Dress Policy

    Shoreline School District Policy #3224 states that student dress must not present health or safety problems or disrupt the school environment. In addition, in our high schools we expect our students to practice dressing appropriately for professional environments. The following guidelines apply: Students’ appearance shall not advertise or display any product or service not permitted to minors by law. Such dress shall not be racist, sexist, imply gang affiliation, or have underwear/ undergarment showing. Adequate coverage of the body is expected; for example, bare midriffs or exposed torsos are not appropriate in the educational or professional setting. Violation of this policy will be disciplined as follows:

    1st Offense: Student will be referred to an administrator where he/she will be expected to change into appropriate attire before returning to class. Parents will be notified by an administrator. If the teacher chooses to handle the situation in class they will notify an administrator so that a record can be maintained.

    2nd Offense: Student will be referred to the administrator. Students will be suspended from class for a minimum of that class period up to ten days (short term suspension). Parents will be notified by an administrator.

    3rd Offense: Student will be referred to an administrator. Students will be suspended from class for a minimum of eleven days up to the remainder of the semester (long term suspension). Parents will be notified by an administrator.

    Respect Among Staff And Students

    Mutual respect among students, staff, and community is expected. Disrespect includes use of profanity and failure to obey reasonable requests by a staff member. Racist, sexist, derogatory, abusing, or hazing behaviors are not tolerated. Student will be referred to an Assistant Principal for disciplinary action. It is the policy of Shoreline Public schools that all students shall be assured a school environment free from sexual harassment. Generally speaking, any type of unwelcome conduct, either verbal or non-verbal, directed to a student because of his or her gender may constitute sexual harassment. All students have the right to learn and interact in a school that is respectful and free from bias. We do not tolerate discrimination in the form of demeaning slurs, name calling, gestures, graffiti, or other words and actions relating to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or handicap. Such offensive behaviors toward individuals or groups of students will result in disciplinary action.

    Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying

    The Shoreline School District is committed to a safe, civil learning environment where all students, employees, volunteers, and patrons work, learn, and participate in an environment free from bullying, harassment, or intimidation. School Board policy further defines harassment, intimidation, and bullying (Policy #3308). References can also be found in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.

    Disruptive Behavior In Class

    When a student fails to comply with a teacher’s corrective action, (s)he will be referred to an assistant principal.

    Ethics And Honesty

    Any student who violates the Ethics and Honesty Policy (see below) will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Student Drivers

    Students are expected to drive on school property in a safe, non-disruptive manner and to display a Shorecrest Parking Permit on any car parked in designated student parking lots. Students are restricted from parking in faculty lots, fire zones, bus loading zones, and emergency access areas.

    1st Offense: Warning
    2nd Offense: Warning plus parent contact
    3rd Offense: Car will be “booted” at your expense.

    Open/Closed Campus

    Students should come to school ready to learn and be in classrooms as scheduled. During school hours, students should be either in class, or signed-in at the library. Campus is closed during all instructional periods, including Highlander Home, though students have choices regarding the use of the daily lunch period, when campus is open. Additionally, there should be no use of vending machines during class time.

    Electronic Equipment, Bicycles, Food, Drink

    iPods and other portable music players are allowed at school, but generally not in classrooms.
    iPads are subject to the signed agreement and to the classroom management policy of each teacher.
    Skateboards, scooters, and bicycles are not to be ridden on campus.
    Food and drink in the classroom are not allowed, unless approved by the teacher.
    Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off (silent) and kept out of sight during class time, unless otherwise directed by individual teachers in their classrooms. They can be disruptive to the learning environment, often create discipline problems, and are all too frequently damaged, lost, or stolen. Students who violate the rules will face corrective action. In case of an emergency, students can be reached by calling 393-4286.
    Laser pens are not allowed at school; their unlawful use is a felony.

    Student Leadership Code

    In order to hold a student leadership position at Shorecrest, you are required to sign the ASB Student Leadership Code of Conduct. Violations of this code of conduct may lead to forfeiture of the leadership position in accordance with District administrative procedures. Contact the Activity Coordinator for specific rules, guidelines, and/or expectations.

    Conduct Of Student Athletes And Activities Members

    A student participating in any activity sponsored by ASB funds is expected to 1) purchase an ASB card and 2) uphold an exemplary standard of student conduct, and 3) maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be passing all classes at all times.

    Student athletes and student leaders at Shorecrest should consider themselves role models at all times during the sports or activity season. This expectation extends to ASB leaders, Cheerleaders, Hip-Hop Dance Team, Highland Dancers, Flag Team Members, music group members, and to any other groups receiving ASB funds.

    In addition to complying with federal, state, and local laws, school and district rules of conduct, and team/activity rules, student athletes/leaders must remove themselves immediately from any situation where illegal activities are occurring, or where other persons are engaging in conduct which violates school or district rules. Contact the Activity Coordinator for specific rules, guidelines, and/or expectations.

    Fan Conduct

    Activities which are disrespectful to opposing players, coaches, or fans will not be tolerated. Face paint must be limited to Shorecrest logos or year of graduation. Appropriate school attire is expected at all athletic events. This may include any school-issued garments (athletic jerseys, pants, sweatshirts, hats), but they must remain in their original form and may not be cut up or amended. All spectators must remain in the stands during athletic events.