• Notice:  With the recent event cancellations, please check with the organizers of each event to see if it is still happening. The City of Shoreline has suspended outdoor work parties at least through March, and other organizations may have similar schedule changes. 

    Upcoming Events that Need Volunteers

    Check out the events in our community! Also see the Ongoing Opportunities page weekly/ monthly events. 

    General Community Service Instructions

    1. Identify an event that will work for you. 
    2. Sign up via the email address or link in the entry.
      1. If you are volunteering for schools in Shoreline, you will need to fill out a Background Check form, turn it in at the Shorewood front office, and allow a week for it to clear. 
    3. Print or pick up a community service form.
    4. Fill the form out completely & have your supervisor sign it.
    5. Turn it is promptly after your service.

    While we have established relationships with most of these community organizations, feel free to ask questions about the situations, and do not do anything you are not comfortable with.

Winter & Spring 2020 Community Service

Summer 2020 Community Service

  • Look Up Your Hours

    It isn't easy (sorry!) but it is possible. See How Can I Look Up my Hours? on the Community Service FAQ page

Community Service Forms