• All grades at Shorewood use Naviance for Career Exploration and College Planning. "College" is used broadly and includes many postsecondary options, not only traditional college. 


    How to Log In 

    1. Access Naviance

    There are a few ways.

    The district encourages students to log in via Classlink since that is essentially the single sign on portal for all school district systems.

    You can also get there by clicking the Naviance logo: 

    Naviance  or use the Naviance URL:

    If you don't have the link available, log in via  Select Student Sign In > 98133 > Shorewood > login page. 

    Bookmark the Naviance login page on your iPad or computer. 


     2. Students, use Single Sign On 

     After you select Student 

    Shorewood Naviance Login Screen

    Choose the green Single Sign On box. Our district has students use ONE sign on credential for all systems. 

    Naviance Single Sign On cropped


    Naviance Parent/Guardian Accounts

    Parent/ Guardians have Naviance Accounts! If you have never logged in to Naviance, you will need to register, and to do so, you will need a code. Email Marianne Stephens to find out your code. Parent accounts are observer accounts and do not have all of the same capabilities as student accounts.

    Families will use the same URL as students:

    Step-by-step instructions:

    1. Obtain your code from Marianne Stephens  
    2. Go to the Shorewood Naviance Student site 
    3. Select I’m new and need to register below the options (it’s okay if you click Parent/ Guardian too) 
    4. In the Code field, paste in the code that you were given  
    5. Click Register
    6. Complete the Create Account steps by entering a User Name (email is fine) and a secure password
    7. Click Continue

    Password Reset:  If you have logged in before, but your password isn't working, email Marianne Stephens to reset. She can only reset parent/guardian passwords, not student passwords since we are a single sign on district.


    More about Naviance

    Naviance Student Overview (pdf) 11.2020

    Guides to Particular Sections of Naviance

    About Me

    Self-Discovery new 1.2021 includes descriptions of the personal/ career interest tools

    Career Planning Tools new 1.2021 

    College Application Process

    College Search Tools

    Find Scholarships

    Super Match College Search

    Shorewood Parent Guide to Naviance Family Connection describes how Naviance is used by grade level

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.