• Meridian Park Office Staff

    David Tadlock, Principal

         ~email: David Tadlock

         ~phone: 206-393-4123


    Annie Bach, Office Manager

          ~email: Annie Bach

          ~phone: 206-393-1777


    Heather Segars, Registrar, Records, Attendance, Building Use, and Newsletter

         ~email: Heather Segars

         ~phone: 206-393-1778


    Attendance - Email your attendance information here. 

    MP Attendance


    Matt Alford, Dean of Students

          ~email: Matt Alford

          ~phone: 206-393-1772


    Luna Barbosa, Counselor

         ~email: Luna Barbosa

         ~phone: 206-393-1785


    Annie Gage, Family Advocate

         ~email: Annie Gage

         ~phone: 206-393-1768


    Karena Valiquette, Psychologist

         ~email: Karena Valiquette

         ~phone: 206-393-1767