Changes to the 2016-17 Rights and Responsibilities

  • Earlier this school year, the Shoreline Board of Directors adopted policy changes that required revision to the 2016-2017 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. This occurred after recent changes in state law and statewide school discipline policy recommendations from the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA), who develops model policies for Washington’s school districts.

    The changes were made for two key reasons:

    1. This organization scheme removes duplication and redundancy. This helps students, parents, and staff to easily locate the District’s rules and to determine students’ appeal rights.
    2. Changes in state law now require school districts to have student discipline policies and procedures that are consistent with future WSSDA model policies. These changes align our policies and procedures with WSSDA’s and are consistent with school district’s across the state.

    A full list of the and links to the policies that were added and rescinded, as well as links to the Rights an Responsibilities handbooks in seven other languages can be found below.

    Added/Edited Policies and Procedures:
    Policy 3300
    Procedure 3300
    Procedure 3302
    Policy 3310
    Procedure 3310

    Rescinded Policies Procedures:
    Policy 3200
    Procedure 3200
    Policy 3301
    Procedure 3301
    Policy 3312
    Policy 3316
    Procedure 3316

Student's Rights & Responsibilities