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    STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

    Shoreline School District provides STEM opportunities throughout our K-12 programs. STEM practices are embedded within the science curriculum and after-school programs. Teachers work with various non-profit, higher education, and industry partners to develop and use engineering design challenges, phenomenon-based, and problem-based units


    Kindergarten – Building Blocks of Science from Carolina
    1st -5th – Science & Technology Concepts from the Smithsonian Institution & NSRC
    6th – Space Science Sequence from GEMS (Great Explorations in Math & Science, the Lawrence Hall of Science), and Hazards on the Homefront (King County, WA State Dept. of Ecology and EPA)
    Split-grade classes – FOSS from Delta Education

    Middle School:

    Science Explorer – Life, Physical & Earth Science sequence from Pearson
    STC-MS supplements (Properties of Matter, Energy, Machines & Motion, Catastrophic Events) from NSRC

    High School:

    IPS – Physical, Earth & Space Science from cpo Science
    Honors IPS – Conceptual Physical Science Explorations from Pearson
    Biology – Insights in Biology from Kendall Hunt
    Honors Biology – Insights in Biology from Kendall Hunt
    Environmental Science – Living in the Environment from Brooks/Cengage
    Chemistry – Chemistry from Pearson
    Honors Chemistry – Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation from cengage
    Physics – Hewitt Conceptual Physics from Pearson
    AP Physics – Knight College Physics from Pearson
    AP Biology – Campbell Biology in Focus from Pearson
    Astronomy – Cosmic Perspective from Pearson