Highly Capable Program - Grades K-6

  • Kindergarten: Students who are identified as eligible for Highly Capable services are served in the spring of the school year. Research in supporting young highly capable learners indicates that they benefit from cooperative learning experiences with exposure to intellectual peers. Research also indicates that young highly capable learners benefit from integrated project-based opportunities to apply their learning in new ways.

    Grades 1-6: Student who qualify for highly capable services in Both Math and English Languagee Arts (ELA) may choose to receive services in Shoreline's self-contained HiCap program at Meridian Park or Ridgecrest, or they may choose to reveice services in their neighborhood home school. Students who qualify for highly capable services in one area only (Math or ELA) will receive services at their neighborhood home school.  The program provides enriched and faster paced curriculum with high levels of depth and complexity. Students work above grade level in Mathematics grades 1-5. In Grade 6, the 7/8 Math curriculum is telescoped into the one year, so highly capable students in the self-contained classroom enter middle school two years accelerated in Mathematics. Instruction in English Language Arts is taught using on-grade level standards, but at a greater level of depth and complexity.