• What if my student becomes ill at school?

    We are very fortunate at Kellogg Middle School to have a licensed RN in the building every day.  The only exception being no nurse substitute available when the nurse is out of the building.


    The student handbook instructs students to ask their teacher for a pass to come to the Health Office during class time if they are feeling ill.  Students are NOT to use their cell phone to call/text a parent unless they are in the Health Office and have checked in with the nurse.  Use of cell phones during school hours is prohibited per the Student Handbook.  If your student uses their personal cell phone to call you to let you know they are ill, please first ask them if they are in the health office.  If they are not in the health office, please ask them to go there to check in and then call you back.  I never refuse to allow a student to use my phone to call a parent.  Having your student check in at the health office allows me to touch base with them and see how they are doing.  It also helps me keep track of health trends in the general school population.

    Once a student arrives, I assess them by discussing symptoms, measuring a temperature and other vital signs as indicated.  If the student is not acutely ill, I will allow the them time to rest and see if their symptoms subside.  If they don't feel better after resting, I will give the student 2 options:  trying to go back to class or contacting you, the parent/guardian.  At that point in time it will be up to you and your student to decide what to do.  If your student is acutely ill I will call you and talk with you about my assessment and concerns.  Please add the Kellogg Health Office phone number (206-393-4790) to your contact list on your phone!  Many times parents do not answer because they don't recognize the number!

    It is not unusual for students to feel better in the morning and then worse as the day goes along. The school is not equipped for prolonged care of your sick child. We request that you or an emergency contact will pick up your sick child within the hour that you are called. It is important for the school to have a list of local emergency contacts that are available to pick up your child in the event that we are not able to reach you. Please notify the school if there are changes to your contacts.

    We need everyone's cooperation, to be better able to provide a healthy learning environment for our students and staff members.  Thank you for your cooperation!