2016-17 Technology Initiatives

  • Technology Initiatives

    A high level of access to technology resources for students represents a unique opportunity reflecting the vision of Shoreline’s Board of Directors as well as our community’s long record of support in making Shoreline one of the top technology school districts in the nation. The laptop program begun in 2006, the current iPad program at Shorewood and Shorecrest High Schools, and the installation of interactive technologies in all classrooms are significant steps to take full advantage of technology in the learning process. In 2016-2017, both high schools will continue with the 1:1 iPad program, marking the 6th year at Shorewood and the 5th at Shorecrest. Recent textbook adoptions will offer increased online access to course materials via their iPads, and new features in the district’s device management system will allow for more selective distribution of apps that are uniquely suited for select classes. Grades 5-8 will again utilize classroom-based laptop carts – primarily Chromebook, with some MacBooks – to support instructional activities, projects, assessments, and online curriculum materials. Grades K-4 have additional shared laptop/Chromebook carts, computer labs, and interactive technologies (whiteboards and projectors). On the infrastructure front, network capacity has been expanded to accommodate the increase in online resources used by students and teachers.

    Forms and Information

    iPad Fees

    There will be a $35 iPad fee for all students (payable at each school’s business office or online). As in the past, accidental damage or loss due to theft (not negligence) will require a deductible payment which has been reduced this year to $75. Loss due to negligence or intentional damage can result in a fine of the full replacement cost of the iPad ($400). Cases will be provided by the district at no cost to students but with the expectation that the cases be turned in with iPads at the end of the year – returning students will receive the same case they had last year.

    Due to a decline in interest in keyboard cases, these will no longer be offered by the district. If students wish to purchase one of these, or a standalone keyboard, we have provided a buyer’s guide published by MacWorld (see link below).