Student Teacher Intern Substitute

Student Teacher Intern Substitute Information

  • If you are currently completing your Student Teacher Internship in Shoreline, please read the information below to learn how you can apply to provide substitute coverage for your supervising teacher.

    If your Student Teacher Internship in Shoreline has concluded, please follow the application instructions outlined in our Certificated Substitute Applicant Pool job posting on our Employment Page.

    Student Teacher Intern Substitute Application Requirements

    A Student Teacher may apply for an Intern Substitute Teacher Certificate with a formal request by a school district, and verification of program enrollment by a college/university. The Intern Substitute Certificate enables a student teacher to substitute, in the classroom to which assigned for student teaching, in the absence of his/her supervising teacher. This certificate must be approved by both the school and the college, and is valid for the duration of the student teaching assignment.

    Shoreline Student Teacher Interns who would like to apply to substitute in their supervising teacher’s classroom must complete the following requirements:

    1. Apply to Shoreline’s Certificated Substitute Pool. The online application can be found on the Shoreline School District’s Employment Page.
    2. Create an account with Education Data System (EDS). For instructions, click here: Login E-cert Update
    3. Notify the Substitute Coordinator via email of your interest in intern subbing. Please include the school and name of your supervising teacher. We will get the required approval to process the request. Please remember your application is subject to Administrator and HR approval, and some applicants may not move forward at this point.
    4. HR will notify the Student Teacher Intern Applicant of their approval status. If approved, the District will request an Intern Substitute Certificate for the candidate.
    5. Apply for your Intern Teaching Certificate by logging back into your EDS account. Click on “Apply For Your District Request Here”. Complete the application.
    6. After the District application has processed, the Substitute Coordinator will contact the applicant to pick up a new hire packet. This must be returned to HR before being eligible to substitute.
    7. The Substitute Coordinator will notify the Student Teacher Intern and Supervising Teacher after all employment documents have been processed and the intern may begin substituting.

    **Upon conclusion of your Student Teaching Internship in Shoreline, your Intern Substitute Teacher Certificate is no longer valid. At that time, you may choose to reapply to our Certificated Substitute Pool upon receipt of your First Issue Teaching Permit/Certificate.