Student Meal Accounts

  • How It Works

    Every student is assigned a student ID number and a meal account is created when they register with the Shoreline School District.

    The account is similar to a checking account, where purchases are deducted from funds you apply to the account. At the start of the school year, we create a barcode card for each Elementary student to scan at the point of purchase. Students are taught by their teacher to pick up their card just prior to lunch each day. Middle and High School students type their student ID number into a pin pad at the register when making a food purchase.

    Funds can be applied to a student meal account in many ways. Click here for information about how to make a payment.

    If you have any questions about student meal accounts, please contact us.

    Read more about how meal accounts work in English - Vietnamese - Spanish - Chinese - Korean - Amharic

    As a student transitions from elementary to secondary school, they will find that there are different processes and more food options. Read here to find out what a new middle schooler needs to know.

    Viewing Purchase and Payment Activity

    The “Food Service” tab on your Family Access page is your source to view the account balance, view purchase activity and view payments. This is also where you can apply for meal benefits electronically. Once logged in, click on “Food Service” on the left side of the page. Click here to see a screen shot of the "Food" tab on Family Access.

    You can print a report of your students account for the current school year. Simply click on “Meal Statement” to generate the report. If you do not have your Family Access login information, contact the office at your student’s school.