• Below are guidelines from the WatchDOGS program, which we have adopted at Briarcrest:

    1. Follow your personalized Daily Schedule
    2. Always wear your WD uniform t-shirt while you are on WD duty
    3. Stop by the office if you have any questions throughout the day
    4. Be approachable – smile, talk to the students, listen to them
    5. Be smart – follow the school’s policy on appropriate conduct and behavior with the students and faculty
    6. Be alert – if a situation arises, please report it to a school official starting with the principal
    7. Be available – the goal is to be of service to the school, teacher and students

    Be a positive role model – please do the following:

    • Never use the student (boys’ or girls’) restrooms
    • Always use the faculty/staff restrooms.
    • Never be alone with students
    • Follow school’s confidentiality policy in regard to students and staff.
    • Always be visible to others
    • Do not be disruptive when classes are in session
    • Do not use profanity
    • Do not use any form of tobacco on the school grounds
    • Do not share religious or political views
    • Limit personal use of cell phones and PDA’s
    • Never engage in any conduct that brings disrespect to yourself or your student(s), the School and/or the WATCH D.O.G.S.® Program and other volunteering men.