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  • 2023-2024 Highly Capable for Grades 1-8   

    If you were not able to attend the Family Information Night on March 14th, here is the link to the presentation. Spring HiCap Info Presenation

    Reminder: Friday, March 17th at 3:30 pm is the deadline to make your decision to have your student receive HiCap services for next fall. The link to the Parental Consent Form is in the ParentSquare Eligibility post sent out on March 6th.  Make sure you are logged into your account prior to viewing the post.

    You are welcome to contact the Highly Capable Office if you have any questions. Phone: 206-393-4771 or Email: highlycapable@ssd412.org 


    Kindergarten Primary Enrichment Program (PEP) Begin Services 
    Kindergarten students who have been given parental consent will begin services the week of March 13th. Here is the link to our Family Kindergarten PEP Info Night 

    If you are interested in learning more about Highly Capable identification and services in Kindergarten and through grade 12, please take a look at the slideshow from Kinderfest.



    Welcome Families

    Here is a quick overview of the information you can find on the Shoreline Highly Capable website:

    Services and Programs - Description of Shoreline's Highly Capable programs

    Eligibility Process - Highly Capable assessment process for Shoreline students

    Timeline for Testing - Deadlines and testing timelines for 22-23

    Frequently Asked Questions about HiCap Eligibility

  • HiCap Magnet Program Transportation 

    Specific information regarding transportation for students who will attend the Magnet HiCap Program will be communicated in the middle to late August, from the Transportation Department. Students who attend the magnet program at Meridian Park will be transported to and from their neighborhood school and the magnet school.


    Important: Students need to be able to walk or have transportation to and from their home (or care provider) to their neighborhood school. Students cannot take the regular neighborhood buses as the bus schedules do not line up.

  • Transferring into HiCap in Shoreline

    If your student was enrolled in a highly capable program in another district, he or she may be eligible to transfer directly into Shoreline's hi-cap program. Check out our process for Applying for Highly Capable Service Transfer.

  • Parent Presentation on Highly Capable Children

    On October 3, 2016, the Shoreline HiCap Advocacy Group held an informative session by Austina De Bonte for any parent or educator interested in student giftedness. The presentation was entitled What Parents & Educators Need to Know About Smart Kids.

    You can find a slide show of her presentation at: 



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    Ellen Kaje, Ph.D.
    Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support

    Jennifer Etter
    Instructional Specialist for Highly Capable

    Kristine Lemmé

    Highly Capable and Assessment Specialist