• Summer Math Boosters


    Now Available


    The Summer Math Boosters Website is now available for students new to the Highly Capable Math program this year. These students will be studying mathematics at a grade level above in the Fall.   The summer math booster activities will help your student learn key topics from that "skipped" year of math content.


    The site also has summer boosters for Walk to Math students who will be entering Algebra 1 in middle school next year.  In the 2017-2018 school year, these students spent time learning the 6th grade, 7th grade, and some of the 8th grade standards.  Teachers spent the school year focusing on the most important topics of the three grades, so a few topics have been left for independent study during the summer.

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  • Highly Capable Newsletter


    Check out the Spring issue of Shoreline's Highly Capable Newsletter here!

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  • Community Collaboration and Engagement:

    You are valued members to our collaborative team supporting HiCap students.  Therfore, we are planning a number of ways in which you can engage and work with the district.


    ***** Recruiting Parents for Shoreline HiCap Advisory Committee *****

    The Shoreline HiCap Advisory Committee will be a new way for Shoreline parents, administrators, and teachers to:

    -- Learn together about gifted learners

    -- Provide feedback on the implementation of our Hicap program

    -- Plan district community events

    -- Provide information for HiCap newsletters


    We are accepting applications for the committee with the goal of starting in the fall of 2017.  We will meet 4 times per year.

    If you are a Shoreline public schools parent interested in serving on this committee please go to this online form and submit your name for consideration.

    - HiCap Advisory Interest Form

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  • HiCap Magnet Program Transportation:

    Specific information regarding transportation for students who will attend the Magnet HiCap Program will be communicated in the middle to late August, from the Transportation Department.  However, please know that students who attend the magnet program at either Ridgecrest or Meridian Park will be transported from their neighborhood school to the magnet school neighborhood school in the morning and then back in the afternoon.


    It is important to know students will need to be able to walk or have transportation to and from their home (or care provider) to their neighborhood school.  This means students cannot take the regular neighborhood buses as the bus schedules do not line up.

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  • Improvements to Highly Capable Services Starting in 2017-2018


    Shoreline is making changes to our services for Highly Capable students starting in the fall of 2017, based on new state guidelines. The School Board voted on March 20, 2017 to implement these changes. You can see the presentation to the Board here.

    1. Starting in the 2017-18 school year, the district will serve students who qualify in either math or English language arts or both areas. In the past we have only served students who have qualified in both areas.
    2. All qualified students will receive HiCap services, even if the families choose for their student to stay at their home school. In the past we have only provided services at Meridian Park and Ridgecrest.
    3. The magnet programs at Meridian Park and Ridgecrest will continue to serve current students and students identified in both language arts and math.

    Please contact our office if you have any questions. We have also created a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website. We wll be updating that as we have new information. You can find that site here.

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    Recording of Parent Meeting to Learn About HiCap Changes

    The Shoreline School Board voted on Monday, March 20, regarding how Highly Capable services will be provided next school year. We held some community meetings recently to provide parents and staff with more information and an opportunity to ask questions about the new options for Highly Capable Services.

    A recording of the parent meeting that was held on March 30 is posted below.


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