• Disguise a Turkey!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 11/21/2021


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  • Award Winning Picture Books Are Rotating Classrooms

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 10/1/2021


    The rotation of Washington Children’s Choice picture book nominees has started! The 20 nominee books selected by the Washington Library Association were purchased through a donation from the Lake Forest Park PTA.  Classroom teachers will read aloud and pass on each book until each classroom has read all nominees. Five of the nominees will be read during library time, where students will work on a corresponding activity for each book.  In March, students will view a short video to review the books and then vote for their favorite title.  Our votes will be added to the thousands of votes being collected throughout the state and students will choose the winner.  Last year’s winner was “Llama Destroys the World!” Thank you, Lake Forest Park PTA for promoting student literacy by providing all of these wonderful books for our students to read for years to come.

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  • Our School Library's Learning Guide

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 8/19/2021






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  • Start Summer Reading!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 6/11/2021

    Lake Forest Park teachers encourage students to read over the summer and use the Town Center, Shoreline, and Richmond Beach KCLS public libraries. Students who read and learn over the summer make academic progress and have a strong start to the new school year.   

    Click here to visit the LFP Library's Summer Reading and Learning page and get started today. 

    King County Library System

    KCLS - Summer Reading and Learning


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  • Lucy Loves Classic Award Challenges. Congrats, Lucy!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 6/1/2021 1:00:00 AM


    Lucy worked throughout the 20-21 school year to complete library reading challenges and earned an academic award certificate for each one! Congrats, Lucy!  View the challenges here.


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