• Einstein Middle School


    Rest and play well this summer:)


    Einstein staff are off-line for the summer.  We will be back the week of August 15th!

    If you need help please check out the resources listed below...


    IN CRISIS?  PLEASE call CCORS--the crisis line.  206-461-3222 or 1-866-4CRISIS 

    There is always someone to talk to if you are feeling overwhelmed, are self harming or thinking about suicide. 

    REACH OUT FOR HELP!  You are not alone!


    Want to find free meals and general food resource support?  Check out these local resources (Links to an external site.)


    ARE YOU MOVING???  If you are moving away and/or attending a different school next year, please have your family contact the Einstein Office ASAP to let them know.  Contact Leslie Buchanan at (206)393-4731.


    For Students in the Class of 2026 (headed to high school!)


    • Did you take the STAMP or ALTA test this May?  Your scores have been shared with Shorewood!  If you have questions about how your scores affect high school graduation requirements, please contact your Shorewood counselor after August 15th!


    • Need to contact your Shorewood counselor?  Find their email and phone numbers HERE (Links to an external site.)!  Only Shorewood counselors know your course requests and can make changes. 

    Please contact your SW counselor if you need support at high school.  If 8th grade was really tough and you are worried about how high school will go--reach out!  Every day is a new day for a fresh start!!