Blended Program Introduction


    Highland Terrace Elementary is proud of our “blending” program, which serves as a special education model where general education and special needs students share portions of their day together.  As a district-wide magnet program for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, Highland Terrace serves students grades K-5 with a variety of challenges impacting physical development, communication, and/or daily living skills.  Blending occurs for a portion of the school day, which includes lunch, music, library, PE, recess, art, field trips, assemblies, special school events,  and some academic subjects.  Highland Terrace has three blended classrooms:


    • Our K-1 grade class blends with a general education 1st grade class
    • Our 2-3 grade class blends with a general education 3rd grade class
    • Our 4-5 grade class blends with a general education 5th grade class


    Staff ratios are typically 1 adult to 2 or 3 students. Each class is managed by a certificated teacher with the assistance of paraeducators.  For health and safety reasons, some of the students in our program have dedicated 1:1 aides.  


    Highland Terrace believes there are numerous benefits of the Blended program at our school. The program provides opportunities for social-emotional growth and confidence building for all children.  By learning from each other, students and staff develop acceptance, empathy, and relationships that strengthen our community.