Title I

  • Title I, Part A is a federal educational program that provides additional instructional services and activities. These additional supports help students in meeting the challenging state academic standards and closing the educational opportunity gap.

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    To learn about how Shoreline Public Schools and your child’s school performed on the state assessments, you can access the Annual School Report Card on Shoreline’s webpage: www.shorelineschools.org

    Your Right to Know: Professional Qualifications of Teachers and Paraeducators

    Parents of children attending Title I, Part A schools have the right to request and receive information about the qualifications of the teacher and paraprofessionals who provide instruction to students. Please contact your child’s school if you wish to request this information.

    Title I Services

    Title I funding provides extra assistance to students needing support in reading and/or mathematics at Shoreline’s five Title I schools. Services for eligible students in grades 1-4 will typically begin in the fall, and services for eligible Kindergartners will typically begin in the winter. Please contact your child’s school for further information about the Title I services provided.

    For more information, please contact the Title I office at 206.393.4117.

    All of Shoreline’s Title I schools operate school-wide Title I models. In a school-wide program, staff members at the building create a comprehensive instructional support system, where all students are eligible to receive Title I interventions as needed. The following schools in Shoreline offer school-wide Title I programs:

    Briarcrest Elementary - 206.393.4170     http://schools.shorelineschools.org/briarcrest

    Echo Lake Elementary - 206.393.4335     http://schools.shorelineschools.org/echolake

    Meridian Park Elementary - 206.393.4251     http://schools.shorelineschools.org/meridianpark

    Parkwood Elementary - 206.393.4150     http://schools.shorelineschools.org/parkwood

    Ridgecrest Elementary 206.393.4272     http://schools.shorelineschools.org/ridgecrest


Contact Info

  • You may contact us via email or phone and we will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

    Ellen Kaje Ph.D.
    Director of Categorical Programs and Academic Support

    Dawn Hamid
    Student Services Specialist


    Phone: 206.393.4117
    Fax: 206.393.4219


  • To file a Citizen’s Complaint:

    If you have a citizen’s complaint about a federal program, please click here to visit OSPI’s website.