Health Services Overview

  • Welcome to Shoreline School District Health Services!

    The health and well-being of students is critical to their engagement and success in school.  Shoreline School District has a Registered Nurse in every building who works daily to promote student health and wellness.

    Your school nurse responds to student injuries and illness, manages chronic health conditions, works to prevent infectious disease, and is a resource for students, parents and staff. If you have any question about your student’s health, your school nurse should be your first contact.

  • Current News

    (New 2/9/23) Don't Throw out that Expired COVID Test!

    The Washington State Department of Health has approved using many expired at-home COVID tests past their official expiration date. See here for more information about how to keep using your home tests.

    Washington State is still offering FREE home COVID tests. Orders yours today:   

    PCR tests are also still available for free in the community. Testing is available in Shoreline daily (scroll down to the Shoreline site):

    (New 11/7/22) Ways to keep your student healthy

    For the first time in two years, we are heading into the winter without a mask mandate and no indoor distancing. Respiratory viruses are circulating, with more to come. But there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your family in the months ahead.

    Get vaccinated! The new COVID booster is available for everyone 5 years and older. This is the best way to protect against severe COVID disease. And get your annual influenza (flu) vaccine as soon as possible. They are recommended for people aged 6 months and older. Flu is predicted to start earlier and affect more people than in recent years. It has already started to circulate in King County. You can get both vaccines at the same time!

    Encourage handwashing! Teach your student the steps to wash their hands, and encourage them to wash hands and apply hand sanitizer when needed. If you need some help, here are some videos you can watch together: Also encourage your child to keep their hands away from their nose, mouth and eyes.

    Consider masking, especially at times of increased community COVID-19. Many students and staff are choosing to continue to wear face masks as protection for themselves and others. Masks are still required in all healthcare facilities in Washington State, including school health offices.

    A recent Public Health Insider newsletter has more information about this year's possible "Tri-demic".

    (New 10/14/22) New System for Immunization Tracking:

    Shoreline School District has changed our method for tracking student immunization compliance. The new method is through the Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS). The Washington IIS is a lifetime registry that keeps track of immunization records for children and adults in Washington State. Most healthcare providers and schools in the state are currently using it. Moving to this system benefits students and families with a complete immunization record held in a centralized system. More information is available about the WAIIS, and the related School Module.

    (New 5/27/22) COVID Prevention Resources for Families:

    Everyone age 5 and older can now get a COVID booster. Find out where to get your student vaccinated here:

    Free COVID home tests are available through the state (up to 10 each month): and the federal government (8 additional tests):

    PCR testing is also still widely available in the community: and

    Masking is again strongly recommended in indoor public settings, especially with the recent increase in COVID cases. Read more about what parents should know about masking and testing:

    (New 5/28/21) Access your family's immunization information (including COVID):

    You can have direct access to your student's (and your own) immunization record through MyIR mobile. It allows you to always have records for school, camps, and childcare. COVID vaccine records are also included in the new version of the system. For more information, go to the Washington State Department of Health


    (New 3/02/21) COVID vaccine information - updated 3/24/21:

    For current information on COVID vaccines, including eligibility and availablity, please visit the Public Health - Seattle & King County website.

    Parents/caretakers of children and youth with Special Health Care Needs: you may be eligible NOW to be vaccinated. See information about your eligibility from the Department of Health (en español).


  • New Immunization Rules coming August 2020

    Starting for students enrolling in August 2020, all immunizations submitted to schools must be medically-verified. Examples of medically-verified immunization records include:

    • A Certificate of Immunization printed from the Washington State Immunization Information System 
    • A medical record from a healthcare provider with their name and signature
    • A medical record with an official health facility or provider logo/stamp (for example, a booklet that is stamped with the date, vaccine and clinic)
    • A document from another US state or territory immunization registry

    Go here to learn about for more information about medically verified immunization and new changes coming August 2020.

    Here is more information about new student enrollment at Shoreline School District. 

    Aqui esta en español.