Superintendent's Message

Winter 2015

Dear Shoreline Schools Community,

It is hard to believe, as I write my second Flagship message, that I have already been in the District five months. During that time, I have been blessed to meet hundreds of community and staff members, tour classrooms, and participate in events in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.

I am grateful for the gifts of time and insights I have received during meetings with groups and individuals throughout the District as a part of my entry plan. Your willingness to participate and generously convey your thoughts regarding our District has been incredibly valuable to me as I begin my work here. I look forward to developing a report about the information I learned and sharing it in the spring.

Generosity in our community extends beyond what has been shown to me as a new superintendent, however. At the start of the school year, the Back to School Consortium provided more than 1,000 students with supplies, clothing and haircuts as well as other resources. Currently, the Holiday Baskets event is being coordinated to provide food and gifts to families for the holidays.

Throughout the year, hundreds of volunteers serve in our schools in a myriad of capacities, including the popular WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) program for men or the Power of One program for seniors. We are also grateful to our community partners, which include four area Rotary Clubs and the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation. It has quickly become apparent to me that I am fortunate to have come to a district which values its children to help them be successful.

It is in that supportive community that the District continues its work on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. In this edition of Flagship, we have highlighted our District’s work in this arena and provided information about its implementation in Shoreline.

District staff members have aligned teaching and student learning to these rigorous standards. I have had the pleasure of touring many classrooms in our District and during those visits, I have seen wonderful examples of our students engaged in activities planned by their teachers.

Our students are citing evidence to explain their thinking, participating in performing or visual arts pursuits, setting fitness goals, creating hypotheses for experiments, and are involved in many other activities to gain knowledge, hone their skills and demonstrate their learning.

More than 120 parents attended a recent informational night about the standards to learn more about this work and gain insight into how to support their students. I would encourage any community members who have questions about Common Core that aren’t answered here or on our Web site to reach out to us so that we can provide you with that information.

I wish everyone a restful holiday season and a wonderful start to 2015. I will be reflecting on our supportive and generous community throughout the season with gratitude.

Rebecca Miner