February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  You may have noticed that there are hearts hanging around the school.  These are the official KMS Happy Heart High Five Zones.  So, when you see a heart, be sure to give a high five, a fist bump, or a friendly hello.  Let’s spread the love folks!  

Day 2 of Spirit Week!
It’s Valentine's Day...let’s spread the Kellogg Love...wear read, pink and white...tell your friend how special they are to you...compliment a kind with a nice gesture…
Wednesday is super hero versus super villain day.  Who will prevail?  Good or Evil?
Thursday is tacky tourist?  When you’re walking downtown..who annoys you the most?  The guy with his camera, socks and sandals???
And Finally Friday!  Color War day...the day of our pep assembly.  8th graders wear all blue and 7th graders wear all yellow.
Counts will be taken all week in tutorial...the class with the most spirit wins a special prize!

Mentors will be meeting today after school in room 204.

7th grade students invited to apply to AVID.  Don’t forgot that your completed applications are due to the main office by this FRIDAY!!!!!  If you have any questions or need help, please find Ms. Berry or Ms. Hiatt!

From the Library:
We had so much fun at our last session of Guys Read that we are definitely going to do it again.
The sign up sheet is in the library and we are always looking for new members to join the fun.
Guys Read meets during tutorial in the library on Tuesdays.  We will start a new book after break and our first meeting will be February 28th. See you in the library.

Attention all library patrons! The magic number for today is 201. There are 201 overdue books! Please take a look around and turn in or renew your book today. Fines will be applied soon to overdue books and this is an unpleasant circumstance for all concerned. Remember-Read, Renew, Return.

NJHS students: Want to help Mr. Kelley get set up for Kelarnival? Want to help Mr. Wilmart in his classroom? Come see the new volunteer opportunities outside Ms. Norman’s office!

Spanish tutoring by Shorecrest students is every Wednesday.  Take advantage of this excellent opportunity  to get some one on one help.  Please let your teachers know if you are going so that they can put together some materials for you to work on.  Please see Ms. Rusis in Rm. 207 for any questions.  

CORRECTION: PALS will meet once a month on Thursday’s. The next meeting will be on March 16th.

Students - Two Reminders: In the mornings all students must be in the activity center or the cafeteria. Students may not be outside at this time. Please come in where we have staff to supervise. Also, students attending Hang Time - you must be in the cafeteria and must sign in at the very start of Hang Time. We’ve had several students hanging out in the Activity Center and then deciding last minute to go to Hangtime. These students have sometimes not signed in. This is a safety issue and we need ALL Hangtime students to be in the cafeteria at the same time to sign in, get a snack, and hear from Trevor about the activities for that day. Thanks from the HangTime staff!

Quote of the day: This is the first day of the rest of your life. - Mr. Campbell.