Cascade K-8 Community School

Cascade K-8

The Cascade K-8 Community School (formerly Room Nine Community School), established in 1974, is located in Meridian Park Elementary School in the Shoreline School District. It is an alternative learning choice for students grades K-8.

Cascade K-8 addresses student learning requirements through a wide range of curricular vehicles, including standard curriculum, community resources, field trips, projects, and teacher/parent/student-generated activities. In addition, learning is integrated through thematic units, applying skills to real-life problems and having students work in multi-age groups.  Students take ownership of their learning through self-assessment, including student portfolios and student-led conferences. Parent involvement is a cornerstone of the school.

Cascade K-8 has two components:  A K-5 elementary and 6-8 middle school. Cascade K-8 seeks to put joy in the educational journey with students, families and staff working together to create a joyful, dynamic community of learners.