• Reggio Inspired

    The world’s most renowned preschools are located in Northern Italy in the town of Reggio Emilia.  Begun shortly after the conclusion of World War II in an area of Italy greatly devastated by the war, these preschools were designed to bring civility and a sense of security back to the town’s fragile children.  They have done that and much more.  Central to the philosophy of Reggio Emilia preschools,  is a profound belief that young children are highly competent and if provided with high quality instruction and materials, each can accomplish great things.

    Networks of preschools committed to the study of Reggio philosophy and practice have sprouted up across the globe.  The Shoreline Children’s Center belongs to one such network in King County.

    Some characteristics of our Reggio-Inspired Classrooms:

    •Listening deeply to and looking closely at children
    •Child-directed learning as opposed to teacher-directed
    •Enhancing students interests
    •Students interests impact the lessons
    •Staff uses “real stuff’
    •Staff uses a variety of mediums-Art Studio
    •Staff uses “open-ended” materials to create
    •Creativity is a priority
    •Teachers and students are co-constructors of knowledge
    •Documentation of student work for reflections and parent communication
    •Use of long term projects is frequent
    •There is a blending of the outside environments with the inside classroom
    •Collaboration, light and beauty, enough time (unrushed), careful organization
    •Environment is the “second teacher”

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    The Reggio Emilia Approach

    Shoreline Children’s Center
    Reggioi Emelia Stiudy Group

    Marci           Room   4
    Jo                Room   5
    Pam            Room   6
    Laura   Room   7
    Cody           Room 13