• Frequently Asked Questions


    How long has the Children’s Center been in existence?

    We have been operating since 1984.

    What training is required for childcare Leads and Assistants?

    Childcare Leads have an Early Childhood degree or the equivalent in training and experience. All childcare Lead are required to have current First Aid and CPR certification.

    What care is available on school district early release/conference days?

    When Shoreline elementary schools have Early Release, care is provided at each Extended Day site. The cost of this care is $20. This covers the time from when children are released until school normally gets out. A separate registration and fee are required for this care.

    What care is available during Winter, Mid-Winter and Spring Breaks?

    When Shoreline schools are closed for a break, care is provided at the Children’s Center, located at 1900 N. 170th. Care is offered at an hourly rate of $6.00. The daily rate for seven or more hours is $42.00. A separate registration and fee are required for this care.

    Can the Flexible Schedule Program be used in combination with the Fixed Schedule Program?

    Yes. You can use both programs to arrange for a full or partial day of care.

    Is drop-in care available?

    No, drop-in care is not available. We are required to have a contract and health and emergency information for each child enrolled. We staff based on regular enrollment in order to provide a safe environment.

    Is a discount available for siblings?

    No, we are unable to offer discounts for enrolling more than one child at time.

    Do you offer the Extended Day program for children not attending Shoreline Schools?

    At the Center there is no residency requirement for children attending our preschool programs. At our nine Extended Day sites, children must be enrolled at that school in order to attend.

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