Highlander of the Month

  • Every month, each department selects and honors a student. At the Highlander of the Month reception, parents, students, and staff gather in the library to hear the accomplishments, contributions, and strengths of these outstanding Scots. If you know any of these young people or their families, congratulate them!

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  • February 2017

    feb HOM

    Art Lauren Rehm fierce tenacity and grit; likes challenge; inspiration and support to other students; despite set-backs and struggle she perseveres
    AVID Vy Tran realizes value of education; models thorough, quality work; determined, reliable; intrinsically motivated; attention to detail
    Business/Industrial Arts Max Foster thoughtful, creative, and detailed; Engineering Design Journal is a piece of artwork; positive influence
    Directed Studies Reno Williams diligent student, manages life changes; actively engages in school and activities; will make the world a better place
    English Jacob Goldstein-Street kind, smart and funny; great attitude; engaged; always prepared; eloquent writing, it’s always a pleasure to read his essays
    FACSE Parker Smith pleasure and a hoot to have class; a passion and an insatiable thirst for knowledge; dependable; contributes to class discussions
    Mathematics Sarah Alexander uber-dependable; positive attitude; comes prepared; mentally present; peers respect her; thoughtful; non-judgmental
    PE/Health Maclain Holland cares about learning and mastering the material; exceptional work; great questions; brings positive energy; well liked by peers
    Science Laurel Scott dedicated, thorough student; works hard to truly understand the material; quiet leadership models behavior; respected by peers
    Social Studies Edward Noriega keen mind for history; knowledgeable on social studies; gut-splitting sense of humor; stand out in class of strong academics
    World Languages Tiana Hoang perseveres through struggles; founder of Spanish Club, returned from Spain with language tricks and a beautiful accent

    January 2017

    jan HOM

    Art Tony Walters “Jack of all Arts”; strives for highest potential; does projects with integrity and playful twists; TA extraordinaire; proactive helper
    AVID Bhavana Sharma individual determination; enthusiastic; models exceptional organization and higher level thinking
    Business/IndustrialArts Jacob Russell quiet leader; always willing to step up to advocate for himself or for others; fantastically creative engineer; intricate and interesting designs
    Directed Studies Ivy Moore kind and gentle student; handled scary transition with confidence; quiet, sense of humor and hidden talents; diligent student; active and involved
    English Sam Cozens positive attitude and engagement with content; compassion and care for classmates; respectful of other opinions
    FACSE Kaddijatou Sowe incredibly hard and determined worker; doesn’t settle; insatiable desire to learn is contagious; honest, kind, sincere, and smart
    Mathematics Trinity Howell incredibly hard and determined worker; doesn’t settle; insatiable desire to learn is contagious; honest, kind, sincere, and smart
    PE/Health Stella Beemer brings her best to class; enthusiastic; works hard; strives to learn from every minute; a leader; offers support to others
    Science Xavier Ljubicich extremely hard working, curious; asks great questions; always thinking; leads by example; helpful and kind
    Social Studies Kai Brook thoughtful, considerate and respectful; consistently positive attitude; diligent, responsible student; gets his work done; big smile
    World Languages Micah Glesener pushes himself hard and excels in Spanish; a joy to have in class; writes thoughtful notes; values learning and appreciates how others live and believe

    December 2016

    Dec HOM

    Art Rebecca Koch imaginative, colorful appearance is a direct reflection of her artistic acumen. mind is whirling with creative possibilities and unique perspectives.
    AVID Giles Villegas works hard every day; great ability to focus; thoughtful in work and communication; helps others; challenges himself
    Business/Industrial Arts Fiona Hubbard helps everyone get their spreads done on time with a high level of aesthetic and journalistic integrity; designs are thoughtful, engaging and exacting
    Directed Studies Casey Nelson has shown tremendous growth behaviorally and on his IEP goals; a bright young man; touches hearts; resilient, kind
    English Michael Atendido leads by example in his demeanor and work ethic; kind, respectful, and a hard worker; he interacts well with others 
    FACSE Ellie Bieler warmth, humor, gratefulness; intelligence and a stellar work ethic to class; brightens the classroom
    Mathematics Ksenia Protasenko fun and social when working with others; offers support to and brings out the best in others, nudges others to work harder
    Music Heidi Resing an excellent musician; commitment to music is demonstrated by her daily preparedness; willingness to share knowledge and technical info with others
    PE/Health Morgan Rammell The most energetic class! Works extremely hard; biggest smile; a role model to others; strong work ethic. 
    Science Pierre Morse has a joyful spirit and genuine love for learning; can be counted on to work hard, ask great questions, and help others; conscientious, kind
    Social Studies Hamoon Milaninia quietly leads by example; asks insightful, relevant questions; respectful and inclusive of classmates and staff
    World Languages Jordyn Fosse-Stadler courageous; contributes by listening intently and participating in all activities; a great pleasure to have her in class

    November 2016

    Nov HOM

    Art Justin Share creates bold graphic work; pensive thought process and eye for detail; dedicated student; honest, soft-spoken and respectful
    AVID Marjorie Barker has embraced the “individual determination” in AVID diligent, extraordinary organization, self-advocating, tries new things
    Business/Industrial Arts Gabby Lacson quiet leader; brings focus and passion; a no nonsense team player; leaves her ego at the door for the benefit of the team
    Directed Studies Malachi Redmond truly cares about his educational success; goes that extra mile; positive, kind, caring and genuine; high level of achievement
    English Anna Clyde conscientiousness, attention to detail, complete engagement; can be counted on to step up and lead; a pleasure to have in class
    FACSE Ebrima “Abe” Ceesay determined to get the most out of class; courteous, hard working; attentive in class and a role model for his peers.
    Mathematics MaeLea Willis brings a great energy to our classroom; turns in all assignments with enthusiasm; always willing to lend a helping hand; a great leader
    Music Jeffrey Lebo never gives up; strives to get it right and is willing to try anything; first to volunteer for practically anything; does not shy away from a challenge
    PE/Health Luke Busby A leader in the class, always working, helping, smiling, striving for improvement and a true SCOT!
    Science Skyler Allison strong observation skills; curious; asks thoughtful questions; likes to see others succeed and helps her peers.
    Social Studies Julianne Oshiro among hardest working students; work is thoughtful, thorough, precise, and shows deep commitment to the understanding of material; delight, respectful, and always smiling
    World Languages Hailee Desrosier ties things back to French in interesting ways; works hard and helps out; well-rounded and a joy to have in class

    October 2016

    Oct HOM

    Art Mel Wells an artist through and through; has a magical way about her and it comes through in her art; impressive; imaginative; creative
    AVID Ami Njadoe enjoys working with others; uses her leadership skills to problem solve and analyze situations; enthusiastic; positive; generous
    Business/Industrial Tech Sean Ho dedicated to the success of SCNN; dynamic duo; fantastic comedy team; tackles challenges; adds humor to everything
    Directed Studies Mariam Hassan welcomes challenge and asks for extra work; enthusiastic; conscientious; compassionate
    English Anni Racibarskas makes insightful, well-thought out contributions to class with a welcoming and honest tone; individual; confident
    FACSE Peter Kukhotskiy has a natural ability with problem solving and math reasoning; class helper; great collaborator
    Mathematics Kayla Palmore collaborative group member; works for complete understanding; proactive; asks questons; willing to share
    Music Andy O’Keeffe talented musician; comfortable as a vocalist and instrumentalist; do the right thing; positive; great asset
    PE/Health Hannah Hedberg a classroom leader and is always ready to work and help others; reliable; helpful; wonderful attitude; bright; vibrant
    Science Monica Mak work is well done and intelligent; kind and caring to a student new to SC and the U.S; many wonderful virtues
    Social Studies David Rivera model of steadfast, no-nonsense, dogged persistence; major contributor; engaging; challenges peers; insightful
    World Languages Kinsley Joyce is always eager to participate and learns quickly and retains content; kind; helpful to those around her

    September 2016

    Sept HOM

    Art Zoya Dwyer a phenomenal artist; creates pieces that are so powerful that we are all in awe; sets standards for high quality
    AVID Justin Doyle kind, conscientious and meticulous; takes pride in doing good work and helps others whenever he can
    Business/Industrial Tech Evan Mordy dedicated to the success of SCNN; dynamic duo; fantastic comedy team; tackle challenges; add humor to everything
    Directed Studies Josh Naron actively seeks engagement with the students and they are so happy to get to dance with him
    English Ricardo Ruiz Calvillo comes to class prepared and ready to learn; thoughtful; attentive; active participant; entertaining
    Family & Consumer Science Kelsey Stever a breath of fresh air; comes prepared to help out in any way she can; leader; mentor; kind
    Mathematics Mohamed Hassan an enthusiastic attitude; volunteers to help others often; completes his work consistently
    Music Maia Kaje changed instruments for the good of the group; on time and prepared; improves daily; fantastic tone; leader
    PE/Health Ben Okazaki the hardest working student in the class; driven; motivated; dedicated; strong work ethic; inspiring
    Science John Tong a voice of logic and safety in the Chem lab; gives help generously; creative; funny; team player; hard-working
    Social Studies Rickey Cole incredibly engaged; quickly masters content and concepts; thoughtful; active participant; brings energy
    World Languages Isadora Slagle sets her standards high; welcomes challenge; quiet but formidable; proficient at Memrise; appetite to learn